Jeanie, a natural Medium is fourth generation on the female of the Austrian Romani travelling circus family “The Potters". Jeanie's Great Grandfather was trapeze artist and acrobat, James Potter known as Professor Potter, who married three times. Martha Jane Tagg, is Jeanie's great grandmother, who passed at age 39.  Madame Retza was James's third wife, they worked with Pablo Fanques's Circus and later, the still touring, Ginnett Circus. James was called The "Manfly" after performing at the Crystal Palace.

This fascinating family line is where Jeanie believes the mediumistic gifts are passed down from. 

Like many, Mediumship to Jeanie was normal but not 'labelled' - Do we not expect children to believe, without question, in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy!?

In Jeanie's mid twenties, she deliberated her spiritual pathway after her palmistry gift heightened to a level that amazed all.  Jeanie decided it was not her time and put aside her psychic gifts to pursue a life as a successful businesswoman running a Lead Crystal import and retail business, which she did for 23 years.

In the early 1990's, Jeanie - after the loss of a son, embraced the spiritual energy she felt. Jeanie had such effectiveness as an absent healer, she became an active member in an Anglican Church and trained as a bereavement counsellor.  
In 1999 Jeanie decided to go against the Anglican Church wishes to pursue a pathway as a Spiritualist after by chance, seeing the wonderful evidence and support given through Mediumship.

Jeanie aged 6, second row down, 5th from left

Jeanie aged 6, second row down, 5th from left

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